September Students of the Month

Presley Rochelle: Foreign Language

Academically she strives to be better each week and always ask me questions to improve on learning this language. She is a fast learner and takes time to practice her work to make it better. This speaks volume on her character, she is patient and kind and puts time into her work and very responsible. I have seen her grow in so many ways from last year and I am very proud to have her in my class; and can not wait to see her succeed more in life.

Shaylan Barber: Science

Shaylan keeps on top of turning in her work and gives 100% effort on everything that she completes. She has a great grade in my class and is always following the classroom and school expectations. She is a role model for her peers.

Aviana Parker: CTE

Whether we are working on a non-graded assignment or major project, Aviana strives for perfection in her work. Aviana brings a positive attitude to the classroom daily along with a willingness to help her fellow classmates. Aviana also provides a great example for others by consistently following all class rules and staying focused on the given task.

Noah Miller: History

Noah is a real leader in class. He is always participating and helping other students. Noah displays initiative, responsibility, respect and a positive attitude.

Sophia Trenchi: English

Sofia is an exemplary student in that she is dedicated to excellence. Both in English I and Creative writing Sofia pushes herself to express herself creatively and thoughtfully. In class, Sofia is not afraid to ask questions and is a willing participant in all activities. Perhaps her greatest quality is not academic at all, but it is her kindness as she always helps her peers with classwork.

Trey Downing: Art/PE

Mr. Downing is an outstanding and selfless young man. He puts the needs of others above his own and compels others by example. He is a quality band member and leader in the front ensemble. 

Madison Houdashelt: Math

Madison has strived to make sure all deadlines in SAILS are met when they are due. She has maintained a positive attitude throughout the course. She also takes the time to help and tutor her fellow classmates who are struggling with the course work.

Congratulations to you all on this well deserved honor.