Virtual Learning Contract

Families who have selected virtual learning MUST complete a Virtual Learning Contract.
As a reminder, if virtual learning has been selected, families will need to have adequate access to the Internet and a computing device to complete the required instruction.
The contracts are DUE by Aug. 12 and they are available on our website at the following link:
The contract can be downloaded (we have an editable PDF form on the website), filled out and emailed to your child’s principal at
- Families can also turn in their signed contracts when they pick up their laptops, schedules, etc. . .
- Hard copies will be available for parents to sign on those days as well.
- Virtual Learning Contracts are also available for pickup in the white bin in front of the building.
If you have any questions about how to return the contract, please contact an admin by using the SHS Google text number 615-398-0183.