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School Board supports TSBA resolutions
Posted On:
Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Cheatham County Schools
Cheatham County Schools
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The Cheatham County School Board voted on Monday, Feb. 5 to support three Tennessee School Boards Association resolutions, which will now be sent to the state legislature.

One resolution supports enacting legislation to ensure that TNReady scores be returned to the school district no later than two weeks after the date of submission.

One resolution urges the General Assembly tolower the Basic Education Program nurse-student ratio to one nurse for every 750 students to help meet the needs of students across Tennessee while continuing to strengthen the state’s initiative to bring teacher salaries in line with national average levels.

One resolution urges the General Assembly to enact legislation that places a moratorium on the State Department of Education and State Board of Education from mandating any additional assessments from those mandated in the 2016-2017 school year until measures are set in place to verify that all data associated with existing assessments is accurate and timely.

The three resolutions can be found under “Related Documents” on the right.